Bow & Drape

Our goal was to redesign Bow & Drape's product customizer with a specific focus on the mobile experience.

Role: UX Designer

Audience: Millennial gals and guys

Bow & Drape makes cheeky, irreverent customized fashion and is known for its punny sweatshirts, pet sweatshirts and tees.

Covering the Basics

Bow & Drape is the coolest way to make your own custom clothing and accessories. The customizer allows you to add your favorite emojis, words, or airbrush to everything from a pillow to a hat to a sweatshirt for your dog. Before diving in, we needed to get acquainted with their audience, millennial women and men, to understand relevant trends and ways that we can create an experience that’s intuitive and fun. We took a look at the things that we use everyday like the emoji keyboard to get a sense of how we can easily organize content and make it easy to select the right category and emojis.

Based on the requirements outlined by the business goals, we also knew that the core experience of the customizer needed to include a way to switch between products and variants within products, customize using emojis and words, and the ability to edit those customizations (rotate, delete, edit words, and center). A major consideration throughout our process was making sure that the buttons are big enough to be clickable and that all interactions are smooth.

Creating the Customizer

Our first version of the customizer put us in the right direction. However, it wasn’t quite perfect. We implemented a lot of best practices - like not hiding navigation in a hamburger menu, having a sticky add to cart, and simplifying the size selector but after conducting some user testing we saw that there were far too many buttons at the bottom of the screen which made it difficult to hit the right one. Even though I typically wouldn't implement a hamburger menu, in this instance it was actually the best option for the overall experience of the user.

The first version of the customizer was on the right track but wasn't quite there yet. 

Version 2.0  

In addition to what we saw during user testing, we learned that the entire experience was contingent on the user first selecting the color variant and size of the garment because the designable area changes with each size.  As a result, we created a flow that guides users to first select the color and then move right into choosing the size. This definitely feels more natural and acts as a gentle hand to the user to first select the most important items and then move into customizing their product.

V2 of the customizer guided users through the experience of selecting their item and size. 

Refining The Experience

Once we had the flow and interactions down, we moved into designing the customizer. Our goal was to bring the experience of customizing your own clothing or accessories to life - to make it just as exciting and tangible as it would be in person. Ultimately, we wanted it to feel like you were in the Bow & Drape closet - almost as though you were borrowing your older sister’s prized possessions and making them your own.

The final customizer made it easy for customers to make their own clothes whenever, wherever.